As part of my Interactive Media course, one module required us to design an interactive media intervention, prototype it, test it with users and re-design the prototype based on these test results.

This project started out in pairs, and our first step was merely to research an area of life. My partner and I decided to look at Limerick bus stops, and as a result of ethnographic research, mind-mapping and brainstorming, we decided to design a prototype for a mobile phone app that people waiting for the bus could play to pass the time quicker, and be rewarded with bus ticket deductions as a greater incentive. The entire process of the project was very much user-centered design and was an iterative process that taught me a lot.
IMG_20141128_115148191Our first prototype took shape in the form of a paper prototype, drawn up in Adobe Illustrator, printed and cut up.


We also made a video prototype.

The 2nd part of the assignment required us to test the prototype with users, and we did this with 5 separate users. After this, I drew up a chart with the results of the testing and from there Keith and I made separate re-designs on the prototype, I went back into Illustrator and re-designed most of the screens and made many more news ones to improve on flaws in the original design, as well as adding a social element to the application.

printouts 4-page-001

Here is a video prototype of the re-designed paper prototype. After camera trouble, I ended up having to use a poor quality camera. Apologies!

Overall this project was an invaluable learning experience in interaction design.
Full reports detailing the process with more documentation/photos can be read here  & here