SolidWorks is a 3D modelling program that has almost unlimited capabilities for 3 dimensional design. It is Computer Aided Design, or CAD. 

I developed good skills in the program in a module entitled “Product Design and Modelling” in 3rd year of my course.

A project we did involved modelling a Steam Cleaner with every part intact. All the parts (including internal) had to fit together nicely, and it was to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This involved taking apart a psychical steam cleaner, measuring and sketching the parts, then modelling them as accurately as possible in SolidWorks. This was an individual assignment, that proved to be one of the hardest and most time consuming projects I’d ever undertaken.

Here’s a picture of my finished model, as well as design sketches.


drawing-thing lid

This project took dozens of hours to complete and through it. I gained a great knowledge of design intent, sketching, measuring and aesthetics in the realm of product design. These were areas I had little interest and even less competence in prior to this module, but now I feel that I know so much more about how a product designer has to think, and all the different aspect involves in the profession and indeed design in general.

Although I found it utterly daunting and difficult at the beginning, after putting in some hard work, I got my head around it a bit more and became comfortable with the software, and in the end, I enjoyed it.
I am proud of my finished project, as I think it looks somewhat professional, considering I was only introduced to the module a few months before finishing it.

Any of my other SolidWorks files, or indeed the ones for this project can be downloaded at request. Feel free to ask.