Thesis PDF

For my Masters programme, I had to undertake a significant dissertation project, which required the design and development of a product and a research paper of 12,000 words to accompany this.

The following is the abstract of my thesis which describes the dissertation overall:

Large data is typically organized into table format, and is difficult to understand and unenticing to engage with. With many fascinating public datasets freely available for download, there is an opportunity to represent this information in new and exciting ways. The aim of this project is to use data from a public dataset to create an interactive visualization application. The chosen dataset is deaths on Irish roads organized by year, road user type, age and gender. It is both a striking and interestingly multivariate dataset, which has great potential as a visualization. As the data is currently only available in table format, it is not enticing to look at or particularly easy to engage with. Designing and developing a web application to better visualize this information and make it interactive will greatly help to overcome these issues. The final prototype takes the form of a live web application, created with up-to-date web technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and a JS library called D3 (Data-Driven Documents).