I worked on a project in Processing for a module called Interactive Multimedia in my 3rd year of my course.

Processing is an open-source programming software and development tool for creating visual-based sketches. It is mostly used for creative design purposes, but also teaches programming fundamentals.

The assignment was an individual assignment in which we had to program a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing musical sequencer with 16 steps (An example of such a project can be seen here).

I wrote the majority of the code for it myself, which was a great learning experience of trial and error. I tried lots of different ideas originally, and throughout the project I improved on my programming and design ability.
I also dressed up the sketch with images I created in Photoshop. I made by own short sounds in Logic Pro. I programmed sliders to control panning and BPM, and added “play” and “pause” sound effects as well as a pop-up help menu, in addition to other features.

Here are some screenshots of excerpts from my code.

sqenzscreen1 sqenzscreen2 sqenzscreen3

This was a project I highly enjoyed, seen as it got me thinking like a designer, designing something user-centered and it allowed me to be creative. I consider this to be one of my greatest project achievements in university, and I received full marks (50/50) for the assignment.

The Project can be downloaded on request! Just ask me and I’ll make it available to do so.