For part of a module in the Masters programme entitled “Mobile Application Design”, we were required to design and develop a mobile app using web technologies, and particularly the jQuery Mobile framework.

The app did not need to be anything special or complicated, programming-wise, as the module was aimed at design rather than development.

I came up with the idea to design an app as a guide to the movies of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. The app would have a movie guide, quotes and trivia on all of the movies he has written and directed.

Using jQuery mobile turned out to be quite easy, and combining it with my knowledge of HTML, CSS and graphic design skills, I managed to develop a good-looking, responsive app. One of the most difficult elements of course was making the app responsive. This is helped greatly by jQuery Mobile, but I still had to write a number of media queries to get the application to respond the way I wanted it to on various screen sizes.

I used list items for the application when it was in portrait mode on phone, and then I used a media query to change to a grid view when the screen is larger (ie: iPad screen). The app responds very nicely to these changes in orientation and screen size.

 TarantinoAppScreener2 Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.16.10 Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 15.16.28