Short Film: “The Assignment”

This is a short film I did as part of a team for an assignment in a 2nd year module title “Applied Digital Video”. Funnily enough, our film is also entitled “The Assisgnment. We decided to take a different approach in filming in that we choose to film the majority of the film in “shakycam” , or found footage style to better suit the plot.

This film was a team effort, and despite what the credits read at the end, the majority of the work was shared. I, myself assisted with the plotting, the camerawork, the direction and the editing.
I believe that the direction and editing were two of the most important aspects of this particular film, and the editing in particular brought the film to life. It was done with Final Cut Pro, a software which I have become very comfortable with at this stage.

When filming, we had close to an hour of raw footage, that we had to cut down to 11 minutes.

Although I definitely enjoyed working on this project, and video/film is probably my greatest passion, I do feel in retrospect that the film should have been better prepared. Although I like some of the ideas we put forth and executed, the finished film does show signs of weak preperation with regard to a script. I don’t believe we put enough time and effort into scripting the story and that is something which let the film down ultimately.
I also feel that I prefer to work on more serious approaches to filmmaking and that is surely what I am going to be doing on future video projects.

We received a B1 for our film.